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Novartis, Google To Develop Contact Lenses To Monitor Blood Sugar - Yahoo Finance

Done Novartis, Google to Develop Contact Lenses to Monitor Blood Sugar 7 hours ago Novartis, Google to Develop Contact Lenses to Monitor Blood Sugar Novartis officially has eyes for Googles smart contact lenses. The Swiss pharmaceutical giant announced today that its Alcon eye care division is joining forces with Google X, the search juggernauts top secret research lab, to develop contact lenses that would monitor diabetic patients glucose levels and autofocus the eyes of users who cant read without glasses. Neither mega company is sharing the financial particulars of the deal, which Novartis noted is still subject to antitrust approvals. Related: Google's Next Crazy Project: Smart Contact Lenses Googles prototype smart contact lenses raised eyebrows earlier last January when the Mountain View, Calif., tech mammoth first opened up about the cutting-edge biometrics project.
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